Free's involvement in mainstrem music can be traced back to the early 1990's. She began showing her talents as a budding female rapper with the Wyclef Jean's Refugee Camp group.

In 1998 she appeared on Canibus's debut album, Can-I-Bus with a verse on the opening song, "Partriots." She would later appear with Canibus again, this time joined by Lenny Kravitz on Pras's track, "Can't Stop the Shining," from his debut album, Ghetto Supastar.

Free also had a verse in the 1998 update of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust," featured in the Small Soldiers movie soundtrack.


After '98 Free started recording under the pseudonym, Marie Antoinette. She continued to support Wyclef in his solo career, rapping on his remix of the song "New Day," from the Life movie soundtrack, and then later again on Wyclef's Solo album, The Ecleftic, on the song, "Da Cypha," her last mark on the rap world before becoming a co-host on BET's 106 & Park.
During her time with 106 & Park, Free signed to Elektra Records. She wrote tracks for her upcoming album but the record label Elektra went belly up. She was then put into production with Motown Records, where Sylvia Rhone (former owner of Elektra) led her. Free did not feel that this was the right label for her, so she left and signed to Underground Universe records. Free and Sylvia still remain good friends. She later sold her album to Def Jam Records.

  She was in the process of being signed, but due to pregancy rumors involving C.E.O. Shawn Jay-Z Carter nothing came of the deal. In 2004, Free released her first mixtape called "Free's World" which was sponsored by D.J. Enuff and Kast One. In 2007, Free signed to The Inc. record label. Free has been working on her new album which is rumored to be called "Pressure Free". In 2004, a song called "Gotta Leave" was featured on a mix tape along with other solo debuts like LeToya & Omarion.


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