Gloria Velez

The "stand there and look pretty" approach to fame might be satisfying for many young women in the entertainment industry, but for others, living life as eye-candy alone just isn't enough. Such is the case for rising-star, Ms. Gloria "Glo" Velez.

New York born and Florida raised, the 27 year old Velez is best known for straight-up killin' video sets of Hip-Hop heavyweights through a lethal combination of sultry moves and raw sex appeal. Her appearances include major roles in DMX' "What These B*tches Want," Ja Rule's "Holla Holla" and as the notorious cowgirl draped-up in white in Jay Z's "Big Pimpin'" -- performances that earned her top honors as BET's "Video Vixen" and XXL's "Eye Candy" of the year awards...but her drive didn't stop there.

To best appreciate the fire that fuels the breathtaking and talented Velez, one must respect the spark and flicker which started it all. Modeling for the prestigious Elite agency at only 15, Gloria's talent, ambition and everyday hustle quickly landed her roles as a dancer with artists N-Sync and Sisqo. Touring during weekends and school breaks, it didn't take long for her to discover the music within herself and set her sights on breaking into the rap game.
With a presence on the mic that combines her East Coast grit and Sunshine-State glamour, Glo delivers a lyrical flow destined to rival the most seasoned of female emcees all while snapping more necks than a chiropractor. Her dark, yet melodic vocals have brought comparisons to Nelly, Twister and the late Tupac Shakur. Though her early days as an artist were met with the obstacles of stereotyping, self-funded studio time and contractual tribulations, Glo persevered in an industry that has broken the strongest of wills. Now, equipped with an independent mix-tape and US tour, her looks, charm and business savvy situate her in a position destined for even greater success.

Tough on wax and easy on the eyes, it is Gloria's positive demeanor and down-to-earth nature that rounds out this proud Latina as the "complete package" or industry triple-threat. Her mass appeal and addictive personality have allowed her to step from spreads in publications such as Lowrider Magazine and Playboy, and into the spotlight as co-host of MTV 2's "Video Honeys," multiple appearances on Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show," and a DVD deal that is in the works.

Glo's resume of accomplishments is already impressive, but this passionate, alluring young woman will be the first to tell you that her career has merely begun. Of course only time will tell what the future holds for Ms. Velez, but one thing is for sure if she sets her mind on something, you can bet she's going to get it... and not just by relying on her looks.



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