The platinum plaques, awards and pictures adorning the walls of Jagged Edge's JOL Studios are testaments to the group's permanent place in R&B history. And with one listen to "Put A Little Umph' In It," the first single from Baby Making Project, their debut album on So So Def / Island Urban Music, its clear they're also a part of its future.

Signed by Jermaine Dupri to his So So Def imprint through Columbia Records in the late 90's, the Atlanta, GA residents have enjoyed a decade of now-classic hits, such as "Gotta Be", "Promise", "Let's Get Married" and the club hit "Where The Party At?" with Nelly.
However, Brandon, Brian, Wingo and Kyle are now embarking on a new journey. They have a new label, new outlook and are anxious to bring what they feel is true R&B back to those thirsting for it. After parting ways with their former record label and successfully launching several businesses--a clothing line, soul food restaurant, and a record label, 581 Musiz Group (through which this album is being released)--they are back and ready to start anew with an old friend, Grammy-winning producer Dupri, Def Jam's President of Island Urban Music, who quickly signed the group to the venerable label.
Jagged Edge is excited about joining the Def Jam family ("We have a dream team! L.A. Reid, JAY-Z and Jermaine Dupri! Def Jam is Hip-Hop & R&B," says Brandon) and they are ready to show that their music withstands the storms of fads and fickle tastes. They are true R&B and the only group standing.
Baby Making Project is a first of its kind for the group: it's a collection of ballads. "We originally wanted our first album to be all ballads," continues Kyle, "but Jermaine was like, "What? Do you know how slow your concert will be?' Everything now has a hip-hop edge, but we have decided to go against the grain." But, don't mistake this for an album only fit for the quiet storm. "We tried to make this album fun, mood music," adds Brandon, who shares lead vocals with Brian, his twin brother. "You put this album on with your girl and it's going to be set for the next hour!"
Jagged Edge pulls inspiration not only from the classic performers of the Motown era, but they are also motivated by the R&B greats of the late 80's, such as Keith Sweat and Guy. "When we were growing up their albums would put you in the right vibe with the girl you were with," says Brandon. "Real, heartfelt R&B isn't tapered by trends." With their devotion to true soul music coupled with the growth they have experienced over the years, Jagged Edge knows that it's their time once again. "We are all grown and mature men. When we came in the game we were kids and we did a lot of childish and immature things. We are better now and musically we are 10 times more confident and competent. And as businessman, we are in a place now to put our own record on our own label. There is no other act in R&B that does that. We know that we can set goals and reach them. Knowing that, you are unstoppable."



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