As the president and founding member of the World Famous Superfriends crew, DJ Mars single handedly changed the DJ scene in Atlanta. Upon his arrival to the ATL in August of 1991, DJ Mars has had one wish and that was to be a house hold name in the national DJ scene. While attending Clark Atlanta University DJ Mars started his career DJ'ing in the cafeteria during dinner for $75.00. "Me, Trauma, and my man Doc used to split that 3 ways...actually that was probably the start of the Superfriends movement".

From that point on DJ Mars' career sky rocketed. He went from being Outkast's original DJ to touring with Usher on his first album. Directly after returning from the Usher tour, DJ Mars' club career went in the best of directions. "There was this club called Soho that was poppin’ on Thursday nights and me, DJ Doc, and Sol Messiah used to tear it down. Being that I was the youngest I had to open up, it didn’t bother me because I learned a lot from watching Doc and Messiah. They taught me crowd control and swagger."

  From that point DJ Mars has played in every club in ATL, big or small. He's DJ'd almost every platinum party that was ever promoted in Atlanta.
DJ Mars' career now has him in new directions, currently he is touring witn Ne-Yo as he embarks on his world wide show schedule. Having toured with everyone from Ciara, Usher, Monica, Kelis, and now Ne-Yo, DJ Mars is no stranger to rocking in front of crowds. As you can see the president is busy doing what he does best, and that keeping the floors packed and keeping the people dancing. Catch his VIBE.com tour blogs in his Myspace blog section as he gives fans behind the scenes info about his tour with Ne-Y




1741 Commerce Drive  Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 350-8905

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