Bringing more music from the south, Nephu is a new upcoming group of young men with a more soulful tone of R&B. Introduced to music at a young age; the guys fell in the love. Each member brings their own style to the table. Each style makes the group very unique and incredible. Not only do they have such marvelous voices, but they are also lyricists. Being able to capture their emotions onto paper and express them through songs. This comes very natural to these young men. Now a little more experienced than when they first began, and knowing the industry a little bit better; Nephu is ready to introduce the world to the new breed of R&B.

“What’s up y’all, this is Mack.”
Being the shy guy of the group, Mack expresses all of his emotions through music. Singing since a young age, he has become very familiar with the way it should be done. ”Girl I want you, tell you what I’m gon do.(I’ma pick you up) And show you how a chick like you, oughta to be treated, girl I will be, So good to you (Real Talk), be there to do (What you want). If you allow me girl, I’ll be the very best to your heart!”

“This ya boy Shaun.”
Shaun is the hood, gutter, and down to earth member of the group. With a unique style of singing, he shocks all the ladies as soon as he blows.”She peep the swagger, I ain’t even have to ask her.”

“What it do everybody? This is Armand.”
Armand is the funny member of the group. Former Dallas resident, now residing in Atlanta, GA, Armand is for real when it comes to performing, not to be confused with the Neptunes (Pharrell)! ”Its unbelievable, all the things I do. And you still don’t see ya man tryna open up to you....”

“What’s happenin this GA.”
Laid back and relaxed is all that can be said about GA. He has a confident swag and a very powerful voice, and isn’t afraid to show it.”When I see a chick that walks by, and catch my eye. (Hey!) You so fly, and I’m that guy, that’s going to take you out tonight…..”

“And we’re NEPHU!”



1741 Commerce Drive  Atlanta, GA 30318 (404) 350-8905

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