Tationna Bosier 

           “Life it too short for what if’s … so I'm gonna ride this thing until the wheels fall off and have fun along the way.”       

There are some people who let the odds of life defeat them.  Others accept the hand that is dealt for them…but not the young and ambitious model/actress Tationna Bosier.  The hardworking and determined 20 year-old is destined to take the entertainment world by storm. 

Tationna was born in Brooklyn, NY on April 30, 1987 to a strong-willed teenage mother.  Her mother was determined to raise her daughter with morals and instill her child to succeed against all odds. Education was a driving force in Tationna’s household.   The honors student eventually attended the prestigious Brooklyn Technical High School. The high school is one of New York’s most acclaimed schools emphasizing in math and science.   

  While thriving in high school, Tationna had a calling.  The theatre was always in the back of her mind. “I really became inspired by actresses like Angela Basset, Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, and of course Halle Berry,” says Tationna.  So while most high school freshman vacationed for the summer, Tationna attended drama camp learning improvisation, scene analysis, character breakdowns, and putting on productions. She excelled in the camp and decided to make acting a major part of her life. “I would like to eventually own a production company to get more black actors into Hollywood films,” says Tationna.  “There is definitely a lot of talent in the African American theatre world that is going unnoticed.” 

After graduating from high school, it was time to go to college and prepare for the adult world. Tationna’s family pushed for her to go into the medical field. In fall of 2005, she enrolled into the City College of New York as a Pre-Med/Science major.  Unhappy with the decision, she decided to change her major to Public Relations/Advertising and Theatre.  “I changed my major because I have never been the type of person who could stay in a situation that continued to make me unhappy,” says Tationna.  “I couldn't think of any reason why I was a Pre-Med major other than because my family wanted me to do it. Life is too short for what if's… so I'm gonna ride 
this thing until the wheels fall off and have fun along the way” she exclaims.     

As Tationna focused on her studies, she was repeatedly complemented on her unique look.  Being of Honduras and African-American decent, she was always told that she had an exotic look.  The college student was eventually bitten by the modeling bug and decided to dip her feet in it.  “I've been modeling for about two years, I did my first shoot because my friend was a photographer and he wanted to practice on me,” she says.   “I kind of knew what I was doing because I had watched my two older sisters model before.” 

While studying the Public Relations/Advertising fields and modeling, Tationna did an internship during the summer of 2006 in the publicity department for Universal Motown Records. During that same summer she made her first TV appearance on BET’s “The Center” where she was part of a student panel to discuss her internship experience.  

Tationna enjoyed her internship at the label so much that during the spring of 2007, she pursued an internship in the marketing department at Bad Boy Records.   In addition to the internship, she continued to delve into television by appearing on the “Serena Goodman Show” on Bronxnet as the “Gossip Diva” discussing society’s guidelines of beauty.  

Currently, Tationna is the host and creator of “CCNY’s Hottest” on Same TV, a show displaying the latest activities and events on her college campus. While her workload would be too much for other people, Tationna is also a spunky radio personality.   She is a host on her college radio station, WCCR and is a personality on the local Harlem radio station, the Beni V Show.   

After learning more than enough from her internships, Tationna decided to do more in front of the camera.  She began commentating and modeling in fashion shows.  The ambitious 20 year-old began auditioning more and landed a hosting position on a TV pilot, a raw and gritty talk show about teen issues. While the show was in mid-production, she was handpicked to be apart of hit BET reality series, “College Hill Interns”.  

During the summer of 2007, she spent one month filming the show in Chicago.  “I am grateful for my College Hill Interns experience,” states Tationna.  “I learned a lot about television and they gave me my "TV exposure. I hope people take it as just a form of entertainment and they should know that there is more depth and dimension to me as a person than what will be displayed on the show.”  She continues, “The lesson I definitely learned was how to deal with diversity. I really grew as a person.  I am thankful for the experience.” The show is scheduled to air on BET this October.  

Overall, Tationna Bosier is one determined young lady who continues to thrive in college and in the entertainment world.  


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